Johan Verbeke International Exhibition

Call for Works
The aim of the Johan Verbeke International Exhibition is to invite creative practitioners to share their design projects expanding the boundaries of architectural and urban design, and explore computational thinking by sharing and reflecting on their experimental works. The exhibition will enable the participation of practitioners with different backgrounds and include artistic and practice-based design knowledge in the eCAADe community. The Johan Verbeke International Exhibition will take place between the 13th and 15th of September 2022. The selected works will be exhibited in digital form as high-quality videos by using high-resolution screens or data projectors. The exhibition will take place during the entire conference at the reception hall in the conference venue. The organisers reserve the right to also broadcast the exhibition material to the other spaces at the venue. The Johan Verbeke International Exhibition will also be documented on the eCAADe 2022 website.

Exhibition Selection Committee
Aulikki Herneoja
Anetta Kępczyńska-Walczak
Tadeja Zupančič
Henri Achten
Adam Jakimowicz

Exhibition Organization and Production
Burak Pak

31 March 2022 Submission Deadline
11 May 2022 Announcement of the Selected Works
30 June 2022
Uploading the Camera-ready Videos
(The deadlines refer to the indicated day at 11.59 pm Central European Time, CET)

Camera-ready Submission Guidelines

Please submit a PDF file containing a permanent download link to your video: 4K MP4, 16:9 aspect ratio.(1080p acceptable in case of technical limitations)

  • PDF Page 1
  1. Link to the file.
  2. Information:
    a. Title, main authors and organization
    b. Credits and acknowledgements
    (These will be displayed 5+5=10 seconds before/after your video, which will be made by the organiser on a black background using white Helvetica font)
  • PDF Page 2
  1. One Image with aspect ratio 16:9 (will be placed on half a page)
  2. Abstract max 300 words
    (This is for the exhibition leaflet, please use a min 200dpi image)

The only accepted format is PDF. Please do not embed your video in the PDF file. Only provide a link to your video (hosted on an external location) in the PDF file as described above.

Please submit your work (only the PDF file) via the button below

Note: This call is not for paper abstract submission. The selected works will not be included in the Conference Proceedings Book, they will be exhibited in the venue during the event.

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