Camera-ready Submission

The second phase of the review process is complete. The notifications have been sent on 13/05 via e-mail. The following information is only intended for the accepted papers which passed through double-blind peer review process.

  1. While preparing the camera-ready paper version (Word & PDF), please take the review comments provided at the end of this message into account. This final version (6, 8 or 10 pages) must be completed by June 15th:
  2. You are expected submit a ZIP file including three items: 1) the camera-ready paper in PDF format, 2) the camera-ready paper in MS Word format, and 3) an MS Word text file briefly describing the updates you have made in your paper in response to the reviewers’ comments.
  3. There must be at least one registered author per paper; and registration must be completed by June 15th on the conference website. Please note that multiple submissions by the same author require multiple registrations. Papers that do not have a registered author will be withdrawn from the conference proceedings.
  • Please use MS Word 2007 and above to edit your paper, using the provided template. Please follow the advice given in the template, always use the provided styles and do not introduce your own formatting. Please check that your submission’s title, authors, abstract and keywords in OpenConf matches what you have in your final paper.

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